New Pricing & Packaging for Today’s Highest-Growth Companies

We started OpenComp less than a year ago with the mission of giving high-growth companies — from seed to pre-IPO — the compensation intelligence that they need to make confident decisions for their businesses. Since then, we’ve been honored to welcome over 1,300 companies into our customer community. Examples include Airbnb, Calm, DataRobot, Figma, Medium, Mux, and Reddit, to name a few.


Our customers recognize that nothing is more crucial to a healthy employment relationship than how an employer compensates its employees… and that there are too many factors in flux today to be anything other than scientific with compensation, which is generally a startup’s greatest expense.


Too many factors are in flux today to be anything other than scientific with compensation, which is generally a startup’s greatest expense.


They cite today’s chief trends as proof: Teams going hybrid. The fact that 75% are currently looking for new jobs. New business pressures and priorities from socio-economic events that elevate diversity, equity and inclusion as a board-level priority. 


Our customers rely on compensation intelligence to navigate these changes — with data, benchmarks, and analytics that are custom-curated to help them to do three things:

  1. Make data-driven operating decisions
  2. Bring clarity to the entire employee lifecycle
  3. Enhance accountability and governance

New OpenComp Pricing & Packaging: Compensation Intelligence

For these reasons, I am thrilled to share that today OpenComp announced new pricing and packaging for our Compensation Intelligence Platform. 


TEAM offers instant access to the most reliable market data and benchmarks for high-growth companies, from seed to pre-IPO.

By showing exactly what an organization’s pay is relative to market, it helps you increase offer acceptance and decrease attrition with real-time market indexing, cost-to-market analysis, and compare-ables specific to your industry and size, by funding amount raised. 


No other solution in the market offers that level of specificity — nor the ability to drill into pay by role, level, department, and location… all by gender and ethnicity. 


OpenComp offers the most trusted data and benchmarks for high-growth companies of every size and industry. Data dumps aren’t our game. We source data from actual company employee census bureaus, HRIS systems, and client’s total rewards statements — cleanse and normalize it to ensure our system compares apples to apples. When needed, we bring humans into the loop, so our machines learn from correct training sets.


Pricing is free for up to 50 employees.


BUSINESS provides the foundation for your company-wide compensation program, now matter where your team is located.

This package includes everything in Team, plus unlimited scenario modeling and data export permission. These capabilities empower users to grow their team quickly, equitably and consistently, while getting ahead of attrition and keeping dilution low.  


As part of this package, our customer success team will partner closely with you to get onboard, reap value quickly, and make confident compensation decisions over time.


Pricing begins at $9 per employee per month, billed annually.


PROFESSIONAL offers advanced features for comprehensive compensation program design that enhances transparency and governance.

This package includes everything in Business, plus hiring plan functionality, a DEI Dashboard and Executive Scorecard.

  • Hiring Plan enables companies to model different workforce scenarios and expertly manage cash and equity burn.
  • The DEI dashboard will delight your team and board of directors by reporting on your organization’s composition by gender and ethnicity across the company, departments & levels.
  • The Executive Scorecard sheds light on your market rankings, gaps and progress over time with our executive scorecard — for base pay, total cash and equity. 

As part of this package, you also receive a customer benchmarking workshop and recurring health checks.


Pricing is at $14 per employee per month, billed annually.

Where to Learn More About OpenComp Pricing

We are indebted to our customers for their trust and partnership on this journey so far, and are thrilled to introduce pricing and packaging changes that will offer even more of the value that they deserve, as they continue through phases of growth.


For more information please visit OpenComp's Pricing page or contact Sales at


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